A BIG Thank You for 2017 – Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!

Merry Christmas from IXOLIFT

About a hundred years ago, a passer-by started spreading the word about Ear Mountain and the existence of its inhabitants, Santa Claus and his elves. Santa wanted to safeguard the tranquillity of his secret hiding place and came up with a superb idea that also allowed him to meet people who love Christmas and his many friends who come to greet him. It was around half a century ago that Santa Claus started to frequently visit the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi in Finland.

That’s the true story about Santa Claus.

About 2 years ago an entrepreneur started spreading the word about people working from ladders and the terribly high number of accidents from heights. The entrepreneur wanted to safeguard people working from heights and came up with a superb idea that allowed him to create a revolutionary working platform in Finland: IXOLIFT.

The entrepreneur is today the CEO of IXOLIFT, Johan Friis. He and his entire team is looking back at 2017 being happy, proud and at the same time humble. We could only dream of the success that IXOLIFT has had and we want to thank all our customers and partners for a fantastic year. We are now present in 14 countries and we will continue our journey in 2018 with more products, new territories and a dedicated team ready to give everybody the best products and the highest level of service.

That’s the true story about IXOLIFT.