High Position 4m working height

IXOLIFT 400 series

The smart and safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds

"We are here to provide the world with safe and smart alternatives to traditional ways of working with ladders and scaffolds. Our dream is a world free of injuries caused by falls from low heights. This is an area wherethe majority of workplace injuries occur today, and every IXOLIFT that finds its way to any of these places, will help bringing down this number to a minimum."
Johan Friis
"We were looking for an alternative to ladders that would be safe and comfortable for our rental customers, but just as easy to use and move around. That’s when we found IXOLIFT.”

“Demand has been surprisingly strong, and the IXOLIFT team has been a really good supplier for us. They’re an excellent team to work with and I think there are a lot more markets they can enter with this product.”
Jukka Pönkänen
Business Manager, RAMIRENT
“The rental customers will like this product, there is no doubt.”

“IXOLIFT is actually a very simple product, because there are no electricity or oil involved. This also makes it suitable for use in industries like pharmaceutical production, hospitals, catering and others where hygiene is important and hydraulic MEWPs are not allowed.”
Hanne Kühl Hejgaard
Rental-equipment expert

Latest news

Stainless Steel


As of today, the IXOLIFT 400 W and WS models are available in Acid Proof Stainless Steel, i.e. AISI 316. Both models can also be equipped with our ATEX feature. We have replaced virtually everything that is possible with stainless

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The IXOLIFT Team Expands in Benelux

It is our pleasure to announce that Giel van der Heiden will be joining the IXOLIFT team, effective immediately.  Giel will take the super important role as Country Manager for Benelux as IXOLIFT expands its sales network in Europe. As

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Great start for Ixolift in Benelux

What a great end of the week. This full trailer shipment is a big opening for Ixolift and fantastic payback for our investments in entering the Benelux market. May this be the first of many.

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