IXOLIFT 400 bringing safety to the construction

IXOLIFT 400 brings safety and improved ergonomics to the construction of Helsinki’s new Children’s Hospital

In 2018, Helsinki will have a brand new Children’s Hospital in the Meilahti hospital area. But for now, the nine-floor building is still a huge construction site with hundreds of workers.

The ceilings of the new hospital are a maze of technology for air conditioning, heating, sewage, electricity and IT. In installing all of this, the IXOLIFT 400 adjustable work platforms have been a vital asset.

“The IXOLIFT 400 is a safe and smart alternative to A-shape ladders,” says Jari Malmivuori, the site’s safety representative and workplace induction leader.

A construction worker using a screwdriver while standing on an IXOLIFT 400 comments that the adjustable platform provides a lot more solid and more comfortable working position when compared to ladders. It is easier to move around on the platform and the legs of workers are thus not stiff at the end of the day.

Jari Malmivuori notes that the size of the IXOLIFT 400 is also very practical. It is easy to push the platform from one space to another, as the device easily fits through a normal doorway. It is also light in weight and so does not damage finished floorings, for instance.

The IXOLIFT 400 also fits into small spaces such as store rooms and bathrooms. This compact size will become even more important at the turn of the year when new safety guidelines regarding the use of A-shape ladders will require a steadier support structure. This will mean ladders must be increased to a size that will make it impossible to use them in constricted spaces.

Jari Malmivuori says that the IXOLIFT 400 adjustable work platforms are also handy for maintenance work. They enable a working height of four meters, which is enough for maintaining and servicing the equipment inside the ceiling and replacing lamps.

The new Children’s Hospital will bring together paediatric care from several hospitals in Helsinki. It will also treat patients with special needs from across the country – e.g. children’s heart operations and organ transplants will be performed here. The hospital will also have A&E rooms for both special and general health care.


Lasse Siren using IXOLIFT 400 for cable installation work
Jari Malmivuori from SRV
Childrens' hospital construcion site has several IXOLIFT 400 units in use