IXOLIFT 400 – security and easiness for cooling site managers

IXOLIFT 400 – secure and adjustable work platform for cooling site managers

Just outside the Helsinki metropolitan area – on the border between the Kerava and Sipoo municipalities – lies a massive logistics center of Inex Partners, a major wholesale logistics company in Finland. Here, trucks are loaded with groceries and consumer goods that are transported to stores all across the country.

For a logistics center of this scale, it is vital to maintain a reliable energy delivery and keep the premises at the right temperature at all times. These critical needs are taken care of by Adven, which specialises in providing advanced energy services for industrial needs.

The logistics center site comprises one of the largest geothermal fields in Finland, a district heating plant and several cooling engine rooms. Adven’s cooling site managers Martti Rossi and Klaus Katajamäki ensure that the logistics center receives the required temperature all through the year.

IXOLIFT 400 adjustable work platforms help the cooling site managers in their work – there is one in each engine room. The platforms come in very handy when the site managers are making adjustments or, for instance, plugging leaks of the commonly used refrigeration substance, ammonia. Klaus says that the IXOLIFT 400 devices work extremely well and provide them with the elevation they need to take care of all the maintenance.

“When we detect a need to service the system, we have to get to the exact location very fast,” explains Martti. “Thanks to the IXOLIFT 400, this is possible. It is easy to push around, fits in all spaces in between the machinery, and locks automatically when we reach the working area.”

Klaus and Martti underline the increase in safety and ergonomics after acquiring IXOLIFT 400 adjustable work platforms, as compared to working on a ladder. “Safety is our first priority, but additionally, when working on the platform, our working positions are more comfortable than on a ladder,” says Martti. “It is also very handy to be able to first lift the tools to the right working height and then climb onto the platform oneself.”

Martti also notes that the price-quality ratio of the IXOLIFT 400 is excellent, and that in comparison to hydraulic lifts they require very little maintenance. The IXOLIFT 400 is operated with a gas spring that lasts at least five years and can easily be replaced. “Another benefit is that IXOLIFT 400 does not need to be inspected, and it doesn’t have any chargeable batteries. All in all, it is very easy to use,” says Klaus.


Adven has an IXOLIFT 400 in each of their cooling engine rooms
Martti Rossi from Adven
Klaus Katajamäki from Adven