The smart & safe alternative to ladders

A stunning product

The IXOLIFT products are designed to meet a variety of safety regulations which allows them to be used just about anywhere. They are easy to use, maintain and maneuver.

Our fully mechanical devices function without hydraulics or oils, meaning they can be used in clean rooms such as hospitals and laboratories.

The IXOLIFT is also available with ATEX classification, which enables use in explosive environments.

NOW it can also be ordered in a Acid Proof AISI 316 Stainless Steel for use under extreme conditions.

What’s more, IXOLIFT products are eco-friendly and produce zero emissions. No batteries nor other non-recyclable materials are used. 

Intuitive to use

  • Simple and familiar user interface
  • Does not require special training or permits

Working height of 4 m

  • Safe working load 150 kg
  • Total weight 230 kg
  • Max. wind 12,5 m/s

Ergonomic design

  • Safe & stable working platform
  • Gas-spring powered hoisting
  • Automatically lockable wheels


  • No maintenance required between usage rounds
  • Low cost of ownership

Easy to maneuver

  • Compact size – easy to store
  • Light weight – easy to push around
  • Fits through doorways and elevators


  • Non-powered
  • No batteries
  • 100 % recyclable

Safety compliance

  • Compliant with numerous safety regulations and standards
  • ATEX classification for use in explosive environments


  • Suitable for environments that follow high hygiene standards
  • Hydraulic oil free




Technical specifications

Technical specificationsIxolift 400WIxolift 400WS
Working height3974 mm
Max working load150 kg
Max platform height1974 mm
Min platform height974 mm
Platform size526 x 556 mm
Stowed height1970 mm
Stowed length1198 mm
Stowed width728 mm
Total weight230 kg
Max length with stabilisers outN/A1500 mm
Max width with stabilisers outN/A1668 mm
Wind rating0 m/s12,5 m/s
CE MarkingMachinery Directive 2006/42/EC
EN 280:2013 + A1:2015 except §5.6.2
Guardrails based on EN 131-7 §5.6
ATEX Marking (Optional)ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
Ex h IIC T6 Gb & Ex h IIIC T60ºC Db
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