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IXOLIFT at the International Rental Exhibition 2017

An engine-free adjustable work platform from Finland is breathing fresh life into a long-overlooked segment of the rental market.

Impact injuries caused by falls are by far the most common type of workplace-related health & safety incident. Most of these falls take place when working at or just above head height, typically from ladders. Without safety rails and stabilizers, ladders aren’t always a safe choice. But they’re still widely used, as scaffolds take time to build, and MEWPs can be cumbersome and may require specialist knowledge to operate.


Success in Kista, Stockholm

IXOLIFT 400 was introduced to the Swedish public for the first time during the largest facility management fair, Fastighetsmässan, in the Nordic. With +100 new leads, the future looks bright for our Swedish team. Go KvickAccess Sverige!


The first IXOLIFT end customer in Sweden

Bror Lindhom, KvickAccess Sweden was privileged to deliver the first IXOLIFT in Sweden to Assemblin, Nässjö. Within hours, the machine was already in use at their installation site.


IXOLIFT doubles presence at the subcontracting fair

This year we decided  to maximise our presence at the ALIHANKINTA 2016 Subcontracting Fair in Tampere, Finland by co-operating with two of our subcontractors, Widni and Selka. Widni is the importer of  the gas spring which powers the IXOLIFT 400 and makes it virtually maintenance free. Selka is where many of our


Safety first with IXOLIFT at Eurosafety

We did our best to tell our Workplace Safety 1st story at EuroSafety, the International Trade Fair for the Safety Industry, where we attended in co-operation with ETRA, which is the IXOLIFT reseller in Finland. The fair was a great success with nearly every visitor focusing on workplace safety, which is


Northern Industry 2016 – first public appearance for IXOLIFT 400

Our brand new IXOLIFT 400 made its first public appearance in Finland at the Northern Industry fair in Oulu. The fair, which took place in May 25-26th 2016, is the major industry event in the northern part of Finland. Our IXOLIFT 400 was present at the Ramirent booth. Ramirent also


First ever IXOLIFT shipped!

Our first ever IXOLIFTs were shipped to UK today! It’s time to celebrate with some bubbles 🙂 This is the starting point for cooperation with Russon Access Ltd. We are thankful for the great support that we have received from Alan who brought the key players from the UK rental

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